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Blind Bolt / Blind Nut Hydraulic Power Guns

Blind Nut / Blind Bolt Hydraulic Power Guns from HP Tooling install all sizes of blind bolts and blind nuts.

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BG1750 Hydraulic Power Gun
BG1750 Hydraulic Power Gun
Price: Price On Request
BG1750 Hydraulic Power Gun
The compact-size BG1750 Hydraulic Power Gun was especially designed to gain accessibility into tightly congested areas. Installs small blind bolts in sizes from -5 (5/32) thru -10 (5/16) and blind nuts in thread sizes from 4-40 thru 10-32 or 10-24.
BG2500 Hydraulic Power Gun
BG2500 Hydraulic Power Gun
Price: Price On Request
BG2500 Hydraulic Power Gun
The all-purpose BG2500 Hydraulic Power Gun installs all sizes (up to 1/2'' diameter) of blind bolts and blind nuts. It is most efficient for blind bolts starting in -8 (1/4'') and blind nuts in 8-32 and larger sizes.