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Blind Bolt Tooling

Blind Nut / Blind Bolt tooling from MRO Tools are available in a variety of sizes and are manufactured with hardened tool steel. Blind Nut / Blind Bolt tooling include hydraulic power guns and hand installation tools. MRO Tools offers a large selection of components, including anvils, chucks and mandrels. Bind Bolt / Blind Nut Driving Tool Sets include the chuck, a mandrel and an anvil. By utilizing a specific chuck BG series guns can drive blind bolts, blind nuts and other fasteners from Hi-Shear®.

Blind Bolt Mandrels
Replacement for Hi-Shear® Blind Bolt Blind Nut installation Mandrels. Mandrels are available in various lengths to accommodate grip ranges of material thickness.
Blind Bolt / Blind Nut Hand Installation Tools
Blind bolt/blind nut modular hand installation tools. Hand tool expense can be reduced significantly using our modular system compared to single purpose tools.
Blind Bolt / Blind Nut Hydraulic Power Guns
Blind nut / blind bolt hydraulic power guns from HP Tooling, install all sizes of blind bolts and blind nuts. Compact and all-purpose sizes are available.
Blind Bolt / Blind Nut Anvils
Blind nut / blind bolt anvils, standard length and extended length, ''A'', ''B'' and ''C'' type driving tools.
Blind Bolt / Blind Nut Chucks
Blind nut / blind bolt chucks are available in a variety of sizes and are manufactured with hardened tool steel.