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Chicago Pneumatic Chipping Tools

Chicago Pneumatic Chipping Tools are designed to give operator less downtime, improving comfort and minimization of fatigue. These tools are used in almost all the industry and have a selection of vibration damping body, handle types, stoke capacities. All tools in this section are efficient and precise.

Chicago Pneumatic Engraving Pens
Chicago Pneumatic Engraving Pens are the highest durability engraving pens in the market and can easily be operated thanks to the lightweight and premium components. These pens have adjustable power.
Chicago Pneumatic Needle Scalers
Chicago Pneumatic Needle Scalers are designed to reach small and limited space areas and are ideal for general purpose/maintenance. These scalers are great for rust removal, cleaning up and surface work.
Chicago Pneumatic Percussive Tools
Chicago Pneumatic Percussive Tools are designed to be precise, durable and powerful with a great power/weight ratio. These tools perform with high power and is the ideal tool for super-duty applications.
Chicago Pneumatic CP93 Series Percussive Tools
Chicago Pneumatic CP93 Series Percussive Tools are durable and robust in very high demanding applications. This series includes a gooseneck grip with an east chisel replacement design and is not for CE Market.
Chicago Pneumatic Long Reach Scalers
Chicago Pneumatic Long Reach Scalers are designed to be three tools in one with long reach, lightweight and flexible design components to each option. These scalers are high efficiency and durable.
Chicago Pneumatic Bench and Floor Sand Rammers
Chicago Pneumatic Bench and Floor Sand Rammers are designed for high efficiency and are powerful yet lightweight. This rammers have extra durability or an extended model both with safety levers included.