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Chicago Pneumatic Drilling Tools

Chicago Pneumatic Drilling Tools are ideal from maintenance to very industrial drilling, reaming or tapping applications. These tools are high speed and highly durable thanks to the ergonomic and/or compact design. All drills in this section can have a reversible option and a teasing throttle.

Chicago Pneumatic 1/4''-3/8'' Drills
Chicago Pneumatic 1/4''-3/8'' Drills are known to be compact, comfortable and durable with a high productivity should be used for general maintenance. These drills have an ergonomic design for great control.
Chicago Pneumatic 3/8'' Drills
Chicago Pneumatic 3/8'' Drills are powerful in-line or reversible drills used for easy access in limited space areas. These drills have efficient control and great power and speed for general maintenance. All of these drills show great productivity.
Chicago Pneumatic CP1117 Series Drills
Chicago Pneumatic CP1117 Series Drills are known for high torque and durability to improve productivity. All of these drill perform with high power and are designed for intensive use.
Chicago Pneumatic CP1114R Series Drills
Chicago Pneumatic CP1114R Series Drills are designed to be to be reversible, durable and ergonomic. These drills offer great comfort thanks to the CP Ergo Wing and feature a compact body.
Chicago Pneumatic 1/2''-2'' Drills
Chicago Pneumatic 1/2''-2'' Drills are designed with high torque and durability. These drills are designed for smooth operation and an extended tool life. All drills have an energy efficient motor.