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Hi-Lok Collar Removal Tools

Aircraft tools for the removal of threaded collars come in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet a wide range of needs in aviation. Some collar removal tools work best for aluminum collars, while others are well-suited for steel, titanium and aluminum. Space constraints often require the use of special configurations.

Collar removal tools from Omega Technologies offer a full range of aircraft tools for all approaches. Our staff is eager to answer questions and make recommendations for particular applications. We also welcome user comments, suggestions, and feedback about our aircraft tools, their performance, suitability in various applications, and ways we might improve them. Eddie-Bolt® is a registered trademark of Alcoa Fastening Systems.

6-Wing Collar Removal Tools
The Six-Wing® frangible collar is recognizable by the six-faceted, semi-spline arrangement of wings around the collar base. These collars are used in high strength applications, typically on fighter aircraft.
90 Degree Offset Style Collar Removal Tools
90 degree offset style collar removal tools may be driven directly with a standard hand ratchet, or fitted to an extension for deeper access in limited access areas.
Eddie Bolt Collar Wrenches
In the same way that Omega Technologies' Patented REM series Hi-Lok Tools work, the Eddie-Bolt® collar removal tool is positioned easily over any threaded collar.
Hi-Lok Collar Removal Sockets
OMAR & OMSK Series sockets are ideal for removing damaged or rounded Hi-Lok threaded collars. Adaptable to power or hand tools, with a reverse function and a 3/8" drive, for removal of installed frangible Hi-Lok®/Hi-Lite® or similar collars.
Hi-Lok Collar Wrenches
This patented hand tool slips easily over any threaded collar (Hi-Lok®, Hi-Lite®, and Eddie-Bolt®) and quickly unscrews without cutting or prying. These aircraft tools are particularly useful for round or damaged collars.
Crowfoot Series Collar Removal Tools
When removing collars in limited access areas, Crowfoot series collar removal tools may be driven directly with a standard hand ratchet, or fitted to an extension for deeper access.
Hi-Lok Pliers
Hi-Lok collar removal pliers that feature a diamond shaped jaw which allows the pliers to grip from any direction or he jaw serrations are perpendicular to the collar seating surface when the handles are laid flat.
Hi-Lok Ratchet Extensions
Hi-Lok ratchet extensions from Omega Technologies are for use with any through-hole Hi-Lok installation ratchet or other tool helps reach into hard-to-reach.
Hollow Collar Cutters
OM86 Hollow Cutters are designed to cut away swaged or threaded collars from fasteners so the fastener pin can be easily removed. OM86 Hollow Cutters are ideal for removing Hi-Shear® rivets.
Northrop Six-Wing Collar Remover
The Northrop version of the Six-Wing® tool incorporates a hex side for collar installation, and a spline side for removal. This arrangement also prevents the re-use of removed collars.
Savi-Socket Hi-Lok Removers
The Savi-Socket® is the newest revolution for removing Hi-Lok®, Hi-Lite®, Eddie-Bolt®, and HUCK threaded collar systems. Savi-Sockets® are the first sockets to utilize a conical/tapered shape with helical teeth.
Hi-Lok Collar Removal Kits
Hi-Lok Collar Removal Kits