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Crescent Wrenches

Crescent Wrenches boast precisely proportioned dimensions to enhance strength and minimize weight, with optimized design to be noticeably lighter than the competition. All Crescent Wrenches either meet or exceed US Federal specifications.

Crescent Adjustable Wrenches
Crescent Adjustable Wrenches are the original adjustable wrench, with larger knurls that provide a tighter jaw fit and easier adjustment.
Crescent Combination Wrenches
Crescent Combination Wrenches have incredible strength and corrosion resistance from specially formulated and heat-treated chrome alloy steel.
Crescent Pipe Wrenches
Crescent Pipe Wrenches come in both aluminum and cast iron, which both feature optimized designs to be lighter than the competition.
Crescent Specialty Wrenches
Crescent Specialty Wrenches boast unique properties and features, designed to handle any flare or spline nuts with ease.