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GearWrench Extraction Tools

GearWrench Extraction Tools are essential for removing broken or stubborn fasteners with ease and precision. Crafted with durable materials and precision engineering, these tools offer reliable performance in extracting bolts, screws, and studs. From screw extractors to bolt extractors, GearWrench provides a comprehensive range of extraction tools designed to meet the demands of automotive, industrial, and DIY applications. With GearWrench Extraction Tools, users can efficiently and effectively remove damaged or seized fasteners, minimizing downtime and increasing productivity.

GearWrench Nut Drivers
The GearWrench Bolt Biter Nut Extractor & Driver features minus-size sockets fit a wider range of damaged fasteners and dual sized sockets designed to work with both SAE and metric fasteners.
GearWrench Screwdrivers
The GearWrench features oil and solvent resistant handle provides a longer tool life with striking impact to drive spring-loaded handle to remove rounded and frozen screws. Designed to drive 12 degree rotation with each impact.
GearWrench Sockets
The GearWrench Sockets feature up to 5x greater torque output vs. other impact extraction sockets and up to 10x longer impact life vs. other impact extraction sockets.