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Hi-Lok Installation Tools

Unique aircraft fasteners require specialized tooling for proper installation. Hi-Lok® installation tools from Omega Technologies include box ratchets, hand ratchets, grip scales, the Tight Squeeze tool, hex keys, protrusion gauges, roller ratchets and installation sockets. We are particularly adept at tools used for broached pin installation. This includes Hi-Lok®, Hi-Lite®, Hi-Tigue®, and torque controlled fasteners. Omega Technologies also produces gauges to determine the correct fastener length for a hole and to check the pin protrusion of the completed installation.

Grip Scales and Gauges
Hi-Lok® grip scales and CherryMax® grip gauges from Omega Technologies are manufactured in the USA.
Hi-Lok Assemblies
This is a hand tool assembly for the installation of the Hi-Lok® or Hi-Lite® fastening systems. The ATHA Series consists of a hand ratchet wrench (ATHR250) with a through hole, a socket, and a plastic handle Allen® wrench.
Hi-Lok Box Ratchets
Hi-Lok® flat and offset box ratchets are perfect for installing Hi-Lok® fasteners. Omega Hi-Lok® box ratchets are made of high quality, heat-treated steel and are finished with a nickel-chrome plating.
Hi-Lok Hand Ratchets
Hi-Lok® hand ratchets are manufactured from high quality materials, nickel-plated for durability. Available in a wide variety of sizes and suitable for a wide range of installations, including Hi-Lok®.
Hi-Lok Hex Keys
Hi-Lok® hex keys, Hi-Lok® hex key kits and Hi-Lok® hex key replacement bits. Hi-Lok® hex keys for hand-tool applications and replacement tips for the most popular air-tool systems.
Hi-Lok Sockets
Hi-Lok® installation sockets are manufactured to fit conventional square drives and feature a generous through-hole to enable the use of hex keys when necessary for Hi-Lok®, Hi-Lite®, and Hi-Tigue®
Hi-Lok Protrusion Gauges
Pin protrusion gauges are manufactured for use on all types of frangible and torque-control fasteners. These gauges determine if the correct length pin has been installed by determining if the pins projection is between an allowable range.
Hi-Lok Roller Ratchets
Hi-Lok® Roller Ratchets® were developed in response to the need in the aviation industry for very small ratchet wrenches that could be used in extremely tight spaces where handle 'swing' was limited by obstructions.
Tight-Squeeze Hi-Lok Fastener Installation Hand Tool
The unique 'Tight-Squeeze' is a full function hand tool for Hi-Lok® fastener installation. The 'Tight-Squeeze' gets into tight places and allows one-handed Hi-Lok® installation. Works for all collars.
Hi-Lok Installation Kits
Hi-Lok Installation Kits
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GS-HVC 5 Piece Gauge Set for Hi-Lok, Hi-Lite, Cherrylock, Cherrymax, & Visu-Lok
GS-HVC 5 Piece Gauge Set for Hi-Lok, Hi-Lite, Cherrylock, Cherrymax, & Visu-Lok
Price: $54.00
GS-HVC 5 Piece Gauge Set for Hi-Lok, Hi-Lite, Cherrylock, Cherrymax, & Visu-Lok
GS-HVC 5 Piece Gauge Set Includes: GS2-612 Standard Grip Scale, GS-269C3 CherryMax Grip Gauge, GS-VLG-1 Visu-Lok Grip Scale, OM2-1522 Standard Hi-Lok / Hi-Tigue Protrusion Gauge Black Markings, OM2-1522HST Standard Hi-Lite Protrusion Gauge - Red Markings