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Master Power Tools

Since 1939, Master Power has been producing quality air tools for a complete range of industrial applications. Performance, innovative design, ergonomics, & meticulous quality control continues to contribute to the Master Power reputation for superbly crafted, durable air tools. Master Power Gears are carefully engineered and precision cut to transmit power and high speed in a small space.

Master Power Finishing Tools
If you are working with wood, composites, solid surface, metal or stone, Master Power has a product that will provide a cost effective finish to your exacting standards.
Master Power Pistol Grip Drills
Master Power Pistol Grip Drills are built to perform and designed to last. With carefully engineered and precision cut gears you can be sure to transmit power and high speed in a small space.
Master Power Fastening Tools
Master Power Fastening Tools are designed to provide slightly more torque. Many Master Power pneumatic screwdrivers are equipped with quick change bit adapters, or slip bit adapters. Reverse action is standard on all Master Power screwdrivers/nutrunners
Grinding Tools
Master Power grinding tools offer efficiency plus durability for every finishing job.
Cutting & Percussion Tools
Master Power Cutting & Percussion Tools offer 2200 - 4600 blows per minute. Compact design is great for work in close quarters.