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Mountz Torque Analyzers and Sensors

Mountz Torque Analyzers and Sensors allow for daily tool testing before going into service. This prevents use of miscalibrated tools, enhancing quality management. Its also more efficient using your own torque testing equipment rather than outside labs.

Mountz Torque Analyzers
Mountz Torque Analyzers reduce the risk of lost product on the line or failures in the field to ensure consistent quality. We have analyzers designed for the most efficient pass/fail assessments, built with a variety of features.
Mountz Torque Sensors
Mountz Torque Sensors make it easy to meet the demands of testing multiple torque ranges for torque tools used in production, maintenance, and calibration labs. Mountz Torque Sensors can be used with hand or power torque screwdrivers and wrenches.
Mountz Run Down Adapters
Mountz Run Down Adapters are designed to simulate the fastening process of a screw. Mountz run down adapters improve testing repeatability by adjusting for the impact force and irregular peaks of power tools.
Mountz Calibration Equipment
Mountz Calibration Equipment is the official means by which torque testers and sensors are calibrated and are traceable to National or International Standards, such as N.I.S.T and ISO. Avoid the costly chore of sending your torque tools to the lab.
Mountz Torque Analyzer and Sensor Accessories
Mountz Torque Analyzer and Sensor Accessories encompass a wide variety of items including cables, adapters, mounting brackets, battery packs and more that are compatible with Mountz torque analyzers and torque sensors.