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Mountz Torque Wrenches & Torque Wrench Heads

Mountz Torque Wrenches & Torque Wrench Heads are small torque wrenches which are ideal for applications that have limited space, can adapt to different fastening applications, and feature tamper-proof internal adjustments. Mountz Torque Wrenches are known as break-over torque wrenches that improve control of the fastening process by reducing the risk of over and under tightening.

Mountz FGC Cam-Over Torque Wrenches
Mountz FGC Cam-Over Torque Wrenches are reliable and durable error-proofing tools that allow engineers to reduce the risk of over-torque on their assembly lines in a variety of sensitive production environments.
Mountz Break-Over Torque Wrenches
Mountz Break-Over Torque Wrenches inform their operator when the right torque is reached by deflecting on their built-in hinge, mitigating lost product or rework related to over- and under-torque conditions. Small sizes enable fitting into tight areas.
Mountz Click Torque Wrenches
Mountz Click Torque Wrenches deliver the power you need to tighten any bolt. Your user will know when they've reached the sweet spot when they hear the audible click. This enhances process control by helping to prevent over- or under-torqued bolts.
Mountz Insulated Torque Wrenches
Mountz Insulated Torque Wrenches protect their operators in both low and high voltage situations. Essential for worker safety, insulated torque wrenches also improve work quality and productivity by preventing product damage due to arcing or shorting.
Mountz Torque Wrench Heads
Mountz Torque Tools features a range of metric and imperial torque wrench heads for the Mountz TBIH Pre-Set Torque Wrenches. Mountz Torque Wrench Heads include Open End Heads, Box Heads, Hex Key Heads, and Flare End Heads.
Mountz Torque Wrench Accessories
Mountz Torque Wrench Accessories contains the Mountz 280049 IPT Torque Adjusting Set Key, required to adjust the internal torque settings of Mountz IPT click wrenches, ensuring that the correct torque value is consistently applied to each fastener.