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Wera Bit Holders And Adaptors

Wera Bit Holders And Adaptors Wera bit holders and adaptors, including Impaktor and Rapidaptor bit holders and BiTorsion quick-release chucks.

Wera Impaktor Bit Holders
The Wera Impaktor bit holder with ring magnet additionally holds longer and heavier screws absolutely securely.
Wera Rapidaptor Bit Holders
The Wera Rapidaptor bit holder allows you to change bits quickly without any additional tools - with just one hand.
Wera BiTorsion Quick-Release Bit Holders
Wera BiTorsion bit holders feature a torsion zone that diverts the kinetic energy away from the drive tip during such peak loads.
Wera Universal Bit Holders
The chuck design of Wera's universal bit holders ensures that the tool is securely held in the holder, particularly in industrial applications.
Wera Adaptors
The outstanding design and quality construction of Wera adaptors guarantees a long service life and exceptional performance every time.