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Wera Tools

Wera is one of the world's leading manufacturers of screwdriving tools, bits, ratchets, hex keys and torque tools. Wera tools are stylish and ergonomic, and Wera has received several awards for the design of its products. To work with Wera tools is to understand what design really means. The Wera tool range comprises more than 3,000 products and includes genuine problem solvers, even for very specific jobs. Wera products are a guarantee for safe, reliable working and unbeatable performance.

Wera Tools
Wera Tools top sellers. Wera is one of the world's leading manufacturers of screwdriving, ratchet and hand tools.
Wera Stainless Steel Tools
The stainless steel tools from Wera are vacuum ice-hardened and have the hardness and strength needed for workshop applications. Stainless steel has the property of not rusting and the Wera brand ensure long life and durability.
Wera Screwdrivers
Kraftform Plus Series 900, Series 300, 400 T-Handle, Comfort, Classic, Flagdriver and Stubby Series, Kraftform Micro, Kraftform Plus, Kraftform Kompakt, Kraftform Comfort, Kraftform Classic VDE, ESD Series
Wera Ratchets
The ''original'' Zyklop is particularly impressive because it combines 5 types of ratchet into a single tool, and delivers the fastest working speeds. Also featuring KOLOSS and Zyklop mini ratchets.
Wera L-Keys
Hex L-keys from Wera for hexagon socket screws have a greater contact surface in the screw head and this reduces the notching effect that is damaging for the head of the screw.
Wera Kraftform Kompakt and VDE Tools
Wera Kraftform Kompakt compact tools for manual and power tool applications.
Wera Bits
Wera Bits offer dependable work and a long product service life on account of their high precision profile design and outstanding concentricity features.
Wera Bit Sets
Wera offers a full range of insert and power drive bit sets in a wide variety of tip styles and shank lengths. Bits are arranged according to drive and size for rapid bit selection. Making work a lot faster and simpler.
Wera Holders And Adaptors
Wera bit holders and adaptors, including Impaktor and Rapidaptor bit holders and BiTorsion quick-release chucks.
Wera Torque Tools
Wera's adjustable torque screwdrivers allow variable torque settings with maximum precision and ensure that the user gets the very best processing quality in the familiar Wera design with superior ergonomics.